Terms of service

By accessing or using the Flo2Cash services provided by Flo2Cash Limited (“Flo2Cash,” “us,” “we”), you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this Acceptable Use Policy.

A. Restricted business activities

You may not use the Flo2Cash Services in connection with any product, service, transaction or activity that involves:

a. Violates any law or government regulation, or promotes or facilitates such by third parties;
b. Violates any rule or regulation of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, China UnionPay, EFTPOS or any other electronic payments network (each, a “Card Network”);
c. Violates any rule or regulation of Direct Debit scheme;
d. Is fraudulent, deceptive, unfair or predatory;
e. Causes or threatens reputational damage to us or any Card Network;
f. Involves any of the business categories listed in Section B; or
f. Results in or creates a significant risk of chargebacks, penalties, damages or other harm or liability.

B. Restricted business categories

You may not use the Flo2Cash Services in connection with any product, service, transaction or activity that involves:

a. Illegal downloads that breaches intellectual property rights;
b. Malware – offering of malicious software that will cause damage, breach of privacy, security or enable access to computers or data of others;
c. Cyberlockers – (includes any Cloud based merchants provide file sharing, data storage, with uploading and/or downloading capabilities);
d. Mugshot websites – generate revenue by extorting a fee to remove the mugshot subjects’ photos or records;
e. Hate Websites – any type of hate speech or decriminalisation against any person/s;
f. Dating, Escort Agencies, Pornography, Brothels, Adult content material, such as DVDs & Magazines;
g. Over the audio Chat lines, chat rooms, and fortune telling;
h. Selling Tobacco, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and smokers’ supplies;
i. Sale of weapons;
j. Counterfeit Goods like any products that trade of another’s name, reputation or trademark as this is a violation of intellectual property rights;
k. Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting, and Wagers at Race Tracks, and any – Government-Owned Lotteries; Licensed On-Line Casinos and Government-Licensed Horse/Dog Racing;
l. Deceptive marketing including Guaranteed prizes; Promises of health, wealth or beauty; Negative Option Marketing; Pyramid sales; False celebrity endorsement.

C. Actions by Flo2Cash

If, in our sole discretion, we believe that you may have engaged in any violation of this Acceptable Use Policy, we may (with or without notice to you) take such actions as we deem appropriate to mitigate risk to Flo2Cash and any impacted third parties and to ensure compliance with this Acceptable Use Policy. Such actions may include, without limitation:

a. Blocking the settlement or completion of one or more payments;
b. Suspending, restricting or terminating your access to and use of the Payment Services;
c. Terminating our business relationship with you, including termination without liability to Flo2Cash of any payment service agreement between you and Flo2Cash;
d. Taking legal action against you;
e. Contacting and disclosing information related to such violations to (i) persons who have purchased goods or services from you, (ii) any banks or Card Networks involved with your business or transactions, (iii) law enforcement or regulatory agencies, and (iv) other third parties that may have been impacted by such violations; or
f. Assessing against you any fees, penalties, assessments or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) that we may incur as a result of such violations, which you agree to pay promptly upon notice.

D. Changes in acceptable use policy

If we change our acceptable Use Policy, we will post those changes on our web site so our users are always aware of restricted activities and business categories.