Code of Conduct

Code of conduct

Our code of conduct was created to help us live and work by our mission.

By defining what it means to be respectful in a collaborative environment, we reinforce what is already a positive culture in Flo2Cash.

Think of this code as our true north – made up of simple ethics and rules to bring our values to life - to help steer our people and communities.


Our code applies to all employees of Flo2Cash, our customers, partners, and business affiliates.

It must be enforced in all work-related physical and digital environments, social functions, and events. This includes but isn’t limited to: our offices in Australia and India; virtual meetings and online platforms like email, JIRA, Slack, Microsoft Teams; external meetings; and on all social media.

Our core values + company ethos

Our four values demonstrate who we are and what we stand for as an organisation. We expect them to be followed in spirit and with integrity.

We represent Flo2Cash and conduct our day-to-day business by aligning our behaviours with this ethos.

  1. Our merchants are at the heart of what we do.

    We’re committed to empowering our merchants, supporting their causes, and helping them grow.

  2. We’re wildly ambitious.

    We think big, invent, and evolve. We dive deep to achieve relentlessly high standards and obsess over the quality of our work.

  3. We work with integrity.

    We never compromise on the truth. Each one of us plays a role in bringing our culture of honesty to life. We handle the outcomes of all decisions and actions in a safe and open workspace.

  4. We’re conscious of our decisions

    We're a socially conscious company. And we don’t want to waste time, expenses, or resources. From code to copy, every decision is deliberate. We're aware of the impact of waste on the environment as well as on our profit.

Workplace culture

We understand that we do our best work when we’re happy, safe, and feeling respected and heard.

Every day, our aim is to create this work environment with a culture of collaboration and respect.

While every member of Flo2Cash is expected to work hard and better their best, we also encourage you to foster great working relationships and get to know the rest of your team.

Celebrate the wins, big and small. Lend a helping hand. Check in on others, and be patient when faced with project roadblocks or issues.

Following our code means a workplace culture in which we can all succeed.

Mission statement

Our mission is to help businesses accept payments, grow revenues, and thrive in the global economy.

Consistently operating with our mission in mind means we continue to emphasise helping businesses. Our merchants. Everyone in our client ecosystem. Helping our clients will always be top priority.

Diversity statement

We welcome and honour diversity in: culture, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, political beliefs, marital status, parental status, mental illness, profession, race, religion, body size, socioeconomic status, and technical ability.

As a whole - we appreciate and celebrate our people, their diverse backgrounds, abilities, ideas, and experiences.

Meeting etiquette

Our behaviour in front of merchants, prospects, and clients is met with high standards. After all, it is crucial in their perception of us as a company and as individuals. We are all brand ambassadors and must represent the company positively in all interactions - whether it’s online or face-to-face. This can make or break a prospect’s decision to work or partner with Flo2Cash.

We maintain our high standards of professionalism and respect - such as dressing appropriately; acting with common sense; being punctual; coming prepared; and actively listening to give others an opportunity to speak. Having a heightened sense of self-awareness can go a long way.


Discrimination and harassment are expressly prohibited.

This includes but isn’t limited to: intimidation; stalking; unwanted recording or photography; inappropriate physical contact; use of sexual or discriminatory imagery, comments, or jokes; intentional or repeated misgendering; sexist, racist, ableist, or otherwise discriminatory or derogatory language; and unwelcome sexual attention.

We also need to be considerate in our language use. Any behavior or language which is unwelcoming - whether or not it rises to the level of harassment - is strongly discouraged.

Data privacy

We value the security of payment data and information. Our behaviour reflects this by ensuring we protect ourselves and our customers with strict security measures.

A simple way to do this: be cyber safe. Don’t click on suspicious links or open questionable emails; use two-factor authentication; and always lock your laptop when you leave it from your sight.

Avoid situations where data could be compromised. If you’re aware of any instances of possible breaches, notify or the Compliance Officer immediately.

Reporting an issue

It’s up to all of us to take this code of conduct seriously.

When something goes wrong, or if you find yourself in a situation that you believe goes against our code – you are encouraged to speak up about it.

Depending on your comfort level and the severity of the situation, you can do the following.

  1. Address it directly.

    you may pull the person aside to discuss how it affected you. By approaching the conversation in a professional and forgiving spirit, you can avoid angry or tense conversations that may cause more harm than good.

  2. Talk to a peer or mentor.

    Your colleagues could share learnings and advise you on how they would handle it - or direct you to someone who can.

  3. Talk to your direct manager.

    They may have good advice too, and can even talk to the person directly if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe doing so yourself. They can also help you figure out how to ensure that any conflict won’t interfere with your ability to work.

  4. Talk to Human Resources.

    They’re available for us to listen to concerns and can help out in situations where more drastic or formal action needs to be taken. And they will step in if there are repeated or severe violations of our code. This could lead to disciplinary actions, including termination.

Committed to improving

What matters isn’t having a perfect track record. It’s about owning up to your mistakes and making a clear and persistent effort to improve.

Remember that if someone calls you out, it likely took a great deal of courage for them to do so.

The best way to respect that courage is to acknowledge your mistake, apologise, and move on — with a renewed commitment to be better.


Adapted from and inspired by the code of conduct policies from Vox and Apache.