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A payment solution for every business model

Recurring payments
One-off payments

Recurring payments

Accept recurring direct debit and card payments, with personalised payment schedules that work for your customers and business.

One-off payments

Accept popular credit and debit cards anywhere, and enable faster checkouts for your goods and services.

  • Automatically collect recurring payments from credit or debit cards, and local bank accounts.
  • Accept online, over the phone or with PDF-fillable forms.
  • Flexible payment plans for repeat, variable, and instalments payments.
  • Set the timing, amount, and frequency on your payment plans.
  • Automatically bulk update payment details.
  • Batch uploads payment plans.
  • Auto-retry failed card payments.
  • Auto-retries for failed direct debit payments (coming soon).
  • Fast, accurate, and secure payout and comprehensive settlement reporting.
  • Built-in compliance to help prevent fraudulent transactions, manage data security, and streamline operations.
  • Best for recurring billings, subscriptions, memberships, and regular-giving.
  • Availability: Payment Plans, Flo2Cash API, Custom Checkout.
  • Accept payments online, over the phone, or in-store.
  • Process credit and debit card payments - Visa, Mastercard, and more digital payment methods.
  • Batch uploads for one-time card payments.
  • Automatically bulk update payment details.
  • Built-in compliance to help prevent fraudulent transactions and manage data security.
  • Fast, accurate, and secure payout and comprehensive settlement reporting.
  • Best for e-commerce, invoice payments, and professional services.
  • Availability: Virtual Terminal, Payment Links, Flo2Cash API, Custom Checkout.
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Accept payments across all channels

Let your customers use their preferred payment types through our personalised checkout experience - online, in app, or in store, no matter where in the world they are.

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Virtual terminal

Accept one-time credit and debit card payments with any web browser – on your Flo2Cash account.


Payment plans

Set up and automate simple to use payment plans that work for your business model, as well as what suits your customers.



Quickly send your customers a secure link in an email so they can pay you, or have the link securely integrated into your invoices.


Payment pages

Convert more visitors into paying customers with high converting branded payment pages. Designed specifically for your business with your brand guidelines and audience in mind.


Partner integrations

Connect with some of the most popular e-commerce platforms, analytics services, and billing applications. Get hassle-free connectivity to partners in your payment ecosystem.


API & integrations

Build your own frontend and have full control of your payment workflow. Integrate checkouts, manage encrypted cards, monitor recurring payment plans, and more.

Optimise your payment workflow

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Gather insights

For detailed transaction reporting – including settlements, reconciliations, failed or retried payments, and much more. Reports are available on your Flo2Cash dashboard – or can be sent daily, direct to your inbox.


Real-time updates

Update customer payment details automatically. Track your customers' payments, sales revenue, funds settlements and transactions – all from your Flo2Cash account.

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Increase efficiency

Entrust Flo2Cash with your data verification. Send us your direct debits for manual entry. We'll securely handle your data, so you can free up resources and focus on your core business.

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Mitigate risks

With built-in compliance and rule-based transaction processing. Our platform will help you reduce conversion risk, minimise payment disputes and keep your customers' data safe and secure.