Upgrade to TLS 1.2

This is an important message from Flo2Cash.

Flo2Cash merchants must upgrade their communication with the live Flo2Cash platform to support TLS v1.2 by May 20, 2018.

What is happening?

PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has mandated that strong cryptography – Transport Layer Security version 1.2 (TLS v1.2) is used whenever payment card information is sent or received. The PCI Security Standards Council has specified TLS v1.2 to be the new baseline standard for encrypted communications. This is an important PCI-DSS security standard update

On May 20, 2018, Flo2Cash will remove communication protocols TLS v1.0 and v1.1. This means that Flo2Cash merchants must migrate their integrations to TLS v1.2 as soon as possible, and certainly before May 20, 2018.

Your business may be affected if you are not ready to adopt the PCI SSC Mandate by May 20, 2018.

What do I need to do now?

You need to ensure your integrations use TLS protocol, version 1.2, by May 20, 2018.

You may require the support of a developer/ web team to investigate your implementation. If you run a website, system or payment page that connects to Flo2Cash you will need to ensure that your software can connect and communicate via TLS v1.2. If your system is hosted, you may need to confirm with your hosting provider that they support TLS v1.2 and if they do not support it, request an upgrade.

We encourage scheduling the upgrade as soon as possible to adhere to industry best practices.

Sandbox Environment

In January 2018, the Flo2Cash sandbox environment was configured to only allow communication via TLS v1.2.

Please email us at support@flo2cash.com if you require a sandbox account for testing.

Technical Information

This following information is intended for a technical audience.

All modern software development languages and frameworks should provide a way to communicate via TLS v1.2 and the vendors themselves will have the best documentation on how to do this.

Please note Microsoft .NET did not support TLS v1.2 until framework v4.5 and it was not part of the default configuration until framework v4.6. If your integration is built using Microsoft .NET, then these links may help you make appropriate upgrade your integration.

For more information on PCI DSS 3.2 please visit the PCI Council’s website.

Please contact us at support@flo2cash.com if you have any questions.