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Flexible and convenient collection of your rental or leasing fees

Collect your rental or lease fee on-time, every time with Flo2Cash's recurring payments solutions.


With Flo2Cash's Rental & Leasing solution, you can get onto doing your business, while we take care of collecting scheduled payments.

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“Being a predominately voluntary organization The NZ shareholders Association had to look for a method to radically improve it efficacy in processing new member applications along with renewals of existing members. We looked at a number of options and elected Flo2Cash. In all areas Flo2Cash was superb and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others to use”

New Zealand Shareholders Association


Sell more by providing lay-by payment options

Give your customers the freedom to make their payments over an extended period of time rather than at one time. This is particularly useful for high value purchases.

Keep the cash flowing with predictable repayments

With installment plans, you are provide your customers with a set monthly repayment amount for a stated period of time, making budgeting far easier for you as well as your customers. Installment plans can also be extended over time, allowing for lower monthly payments that may align better with your customers cash flow needs each month.

Stay focused on what truly matters and automate the rest

Flo2Cash’s fully automated and fully managed payment solutions save your business time and money, as there’s no more manual processing and reconciling of payments. More importantly, there’s less time needed on admin tasks. Your resources can be devoted to selling more.

Flo2Cash is a leading provider of rental and leasing recurring payments processing solutions for all kinds of businesses in New Zealand.