Pricing to suit growing businesses as well as enterprises

Starter Pack

Low transaction volumes

  • ✔ Quick set-up and approval
  • ✔ One-off or recurring
  • ✔ Online, mobile apps or paper
  • ✔ Merchant facility & payment gateway
  • ✔ Direct Debit Processing
  • ✔ Storage of unlimited authority forms
  • ✔ No bank required
  • ✔ Online dashboard

$99 Setup Fee

$30 monthly

2.90% to 3.90% fee depending on your business type, $0.20 for a Credit Card transaction

$3.50 per load, $1.00 per transaction for a Direct Debit

*Prices exclusive of GST

Plan Pro

$25,000 monthly transaction volume

  • ✔ Online, mobile apps, paper or phone
  • ✔ Merchant facility & payment gateway
  • ✔ Direct Debit Processing
  • ✔ Optional authority codes
  • ✔ No bank required
  • ✔ API's and One touch Sync
  • ✔ Multiple users per account
  • ✔ Migration of existing customers

$99 Setup Fee

$30 monthly

2.7% and $0.20 for a Credit Card transaction

$3.00 per load, $0.85 per transaction for a Direct Debit

Phone setup and authority code setup charges apply, Prices exclusive of GST

Custom Fundraising Page

Fully hosted by flo2cash

  • ✔ Custom page with your branding
  • ✔ Credit card and direct debit acceptance
  • ✔ Custom thank you email with receipt
  • ✔ Developed, hosted and secured by Flo2Cash
  • ✔ No bank required
  • ✔ No IT infrastructure required
  • ✔ Online dashboard
  • ✔ Optional address validation service

$2,500 for a standard page

$30 monthly

Direct debit and credit card transaction rates apply

*Prices exclusive of GST. Custom pricing for anything outside standard available templates


Do I have to sign a term contract?

No, you can terminate anytime with one month's notice. No cancellation charges apply.

Do I have to commit to any minimum volumes?

No, you can do one transaction a month or a million, no commitment required. The rates will apply as per the plan you are on.

What other benefits are included when adopting Flo2Cash services?

Every business receives the benefit of our fraud prevention tools. They also have full support over the phone, email or chat within business hours.

Are there any additional fees?

Yes, there could be. Some special services incur set-up fees e.g. issuing a Dedicated Authority Code for accepting Direct Debits. There are some great reasons you would request this so let’s have a discussion on this area. Setting up a dedicated phone line to accept payment instructions using voice files, customising Cloud Payment Forms beyond the standard templates and integrating forms with an Address Validation Service. $25 admin fee applies for every credit card chargeback we have to handle for you.

Do you have any special rate for charities?

Yes, we do have special charity rates for credit card processing, please Contact Us to discuss the special rates we can offer you.

We did not find our question listed above?

Don’t worry, write to us now and we will get back with an answer Enquire Now.