If I need help, when it is available?

The Flo2Cash support desk is manned during core business hours, 8.30am to 5.30pm and you can always contact our support team through email. Our support email address is

Is there any hidden fees payable by me to Flo2Cash?

No, All fees are as per pricing page.

How soon is the money deposited into my account

You will receive the funds in your bank account the next business day.

How do I know if the funds have been sent?

Flo2cash will email a Credit Card Settlement report to the nominated business contact on your Flo2Cash account. The report will confirm the sum of money that has been deposited to your account.

Can I view the payment details on the web 24/7?

Yes, by logging on to Flo2Cash’s cloud based Merchant Console and navigating to Card Transactions icon, you can see all the transactions that are processed on your account.

On my customers credit card statement will they see Flo2Cash's name?

No, Flo2Cash’s name will not appear on their credit card statement. Your customer will see your organisations name on their credit card statement.

Is there any testing environment where I can test my integration?

Yes, we do provide a demo environment for testing. Please contact our support staff member and request for a demo account for yourself to test your Flo2Cash integration.


What is a Direct Debit?

A Direct Debit is a method of payment where a customer gives an authority to their bank that authorises the payee (or your company/organisation) to collect money from their bank account on a particular date without further action being required by the Customer. The customer might use a Direct Debit for regular amount payment as well as bills where the amount may vary from month to month, like electricity or phone bill. The amount may either be a fixed amount, it can be differed for each payment or it could even be instalment payments.

What is Paperless Direct Debit?

Paperless Direct Debit allows you to obtain a Direct Debit authority from the customer without the customer filling a paper based Direct Debit authority form, thereby enabling improved sales and payment processes for Direct Debit initiator and their customer.

Flo2Cash offers two customer-friendly and, easy to implement Paperless Direct Debit products, Phone Direct Debits or Online Direct Debits.

Who is Direct Debit for?

Direct Debit is right for any company, organisation, charity or sole trader that makes regular collections from their payers. The greatest strength of Direct Debit is the ability to vary the amount being collected and the date of collection. With Flo2Cash you can do either of these as often as you choose. Furthermore, the reporting facility ensures that you are always “in the know” and you can be proactive when one of your payers fails to maintain their commitment to you. The table below provides a few examples of organisations that would gain from Direct Debit, but there are many, many more.

Type of Business Collecting What? ...and the Benefits
Property Management and Estate Agents Rents (commercial or residential), insurance, maintenance and service charges, ground rents Collect on specific dates. Reduce administration time and costs. Adjust payments as necessary.
Member Organisations, Health Clubs and Golf Clubs Annual subscription fees, rents, site fees, and service charges Automatic renewal reduces member lapse rates and costs. When your fees rise, payments can be adjusted automatically.
Milkmen and Window Cleaners Regular collections for Products and Services. Avoid the tedium of going from door to door, and collect monies effortlessly weekly or monthly.
Nursing Homes, Hospices, and Charitable Organisations Donations and chargeable fees Continuous and predictable cash flow or revenue stream.


How do you signup for Flo2Cash Direct Debits?

It’s easy, email us on and we will get you started.

When you can expect to receive payments in your bank account?

Cleared funds are credited into the nominated bank account on the second business day from when the Direct Debit payment was scheduled. Depending on the bank you will see the funds on the third business day.

Does Flo2Cash make sure funds are clear?

Flo2Cash provides only cleared payments to your business. Flo2Cash will automatically inform you of any dishonours and issues that may impact on you receiving your Direct Debit payments.

How are clients able to cancel a Direct Debit?

Clients are able to cancel a Direct Debit via the Merchant Console, or by e-mailing Flo2Cash where the support staff will take immediate action for you during business hours.

Can a clients customer cancel their payments?

A Client’s customer will need to contact the client to cancel their Direct Debit payment. The client will then need to cancel the Direct Debit payment through the Merchant Console, or by e-mailing Flo2Cash.

In certain situations your customer is able to cancel payments by contacting their bank.

Can the client alter their customers payment term?

Yes, provided the Client has been given authority by the customer to do so.

Can multiple Direct Debits be setup for an individual customer?

A customer may have any number of direct debits, each Direct Debit has its own unique number is treated differently.

What happens if Direct Debit fails?

The Client is notified about an unsuccessful direct debit in the Direct Debit Transaction Report and also through the Direct Debit Dishonour and Settlement Report. Depending on the reason of failure the Client is able to reschedule the payment, or ask Flo2Cash to do this for you.

Why is there a cost difference between Flo2Cash Direct Debit Solution and Direct Debit facility available by Banks?

Flo2Cash offers a total Direct Debit life cycle management solution, where Banks give you the ability to initiate a Direct Debit.

We are not comparing apples for apples as the two are total different offerings. Flo2Cash is offering an end-to-end solution and many Banks only offer one part of the total Direct Debit management solution.

Please refer to table ‘Comparison between Flo2Cash and Banks’

Direct Offering comparison between Flo2Cash and Banks?

Flo2Cash offers a total Direct Debit lifecycle management solution, whereas some Banks often just give you the ability to initiate a Direct Debit.
We are not comparing apples for apples as the two are total different offerings. Flo2Cash is offering an end-to-end solution and Banks only offer parts of the total Direct Debit management solution.

Comparing Direct Debit Offering between Flo2Cash and Banks
Bank Facility Flo2Cash Facility
Direct Debit Form Client to design based on template Included – Customised DD form done for client
Recurring Direct Debit Client must have software to create a recurring direct debit which would get sent to the bank on the appropriate date Included – Ability to setup an automated recurring direct debit via the Flo2Cash console or API
Paperless Direct Debit Subject to bank approval. Client needs to build a solution to track and store T&C acceptance Included – Ability to setup a paperless DD online or via telephone
Confirmation Letter/Email Client needs to build processes and solution to send DD setup confirmation Included – the DD solution Automated to send DD setup confirmation


What are the limits associated with Direct Debits?

A flo2Cash client can direct debit any amount as long as they have been given the authority by the customer. It is important to note that banks have fraud and anti-money laundering software tools and sometimes they might stop an account from being direct debited.

Which channels are supported?

Flo2Cash currently offers the ability to accept Direct Debits via paper forms, Online Web forms and via telephone.


Plan confirmation and notification?

Flo2Cash’s Direct Debit product lets you generate an email that confirms to the customer that direct debit has been setup and when the first direct debit will take place and the ongoing frequency of the direct debits. For those Flo2Cash clients that provide a customer the ability to setup up their own Direct Debit are also sent a notification to inform them that a direct debit authority has come through.

What types of reports would you receive for the Flo2Cash Direct Debit facility?

A report which is e-mailed daily to you is the Settlement and Dishonour Report. The Approval Plan Report is sent out when a customer Direct Debit plan is approved and Ended Plan Report is sent out to you when a customer Direct Debit plan has ended.

You are able to get hold of the Direct Debit Plan Report via the Merchant Console. All reports can be downloaded and printed from the Merchant Console.

Are you allowed to access your account whenever you need to?

Flo2Cash’s Merchant Console allows control over your Direct Debits 24-7. It allows Clients to add, edit and remove information when they need to do so. The Merchant Console updates all changes in real-time.


If I upload my batch of transactions, when will the transactions be processed?

Your transactions will be processed at midnight the next day. Normally this will be within 24 hours.

How many transactions can I upload at a time?

Large volumes of transactions take longer to upload. We recommend that the upload size does not exceed 500 transactions per file. This will avoid ‘time-out’ issues that can occur if there are a huge number of transactions.

Can I automate the batch uploading process?

Yes, you can. Our ABP (Automated Batch Processor) allows you to integrate with your own software/application to automatically upload transactions and retrieve transaction status.

Do file names matter when I upload my batch file?

No, the file names do not matter.

Does the batch processor ensure that files are not processed twice?

Any files you upload are processed only once. However, if you accidentally uploaded the same file twice, you should cancel one of them immediately to avoid double processing.

How do I retrieve the status of processed file?

If you use the Merchant Console to perform batch-processing, you can download your batch file anytime you like. The downloaded file will contain the status of each transaction.


How easy is Web Payments integration?

Integration is very easy. Simply follow our Web payments integration guide (URL). Code samples are available.

What programming languages does a web payment support?

Web payments use standard HTTPS post. Hence, it is programming language-independent. Any web programming language that can perform an HTTPS post is supported.

Why does Web Payments have to redirect my customers to a Flo2Cash's hosted page for payment collection?

In order for a Merchant to be PCI compliant, they must make sure that no credit card details are not held by any of their systems and if credit card information is collected online, it meets strictest security standards. Flo2Cash’s hosted payment page ensures that all payment details are collected and processed on the Flo2Cash’s secure page, so that payment details are transmitted and processed securely. Processing via Flo2Cash’s hosted payment page ensures you are PCI compliant with respect to collecting and processing credit card details online.

Does Web Payments support multi-currency acceptance?

No, Flo2Cash does not support multi-currency acceptance at this stage.
However, if your customer tries to make a payment to you using a foreign currency credit card, the transaction will be processed; with the merchant receiving, the nominated amount in NZ dollars and your customer will be charged on his card the amount in his own currency, using the current exchange rates. For this to work, your Flo2Cash account should be enabled to accept foreign issued cards.

What shopping cart does Flo2Cash support?

Flo2Cash currently supports the following shopping carts:
WordPress – eCommerce




Drupal 6

Drupal 7


WordPress – WooCommerce

What will my customers see when they pay using Web Payments?

When the Hosted Payment page has been added to your website, your customers will be able to access the page to make an online payment using their Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card (China UnionPay, American Express and Diners cards if requested to be turned on). The customer will be directed to the secure, hosted payment page to enter their card details. When they press submit, the card details will be sent for processing. A processing payment screen will be displayed while the transaction is being processed. Once processing is completed, the payment result screen will appear. If the customer had entered their email address on the payment page, they will receive an email receipt.

On my customers credit card statement will they see Flo2Cash's name?

No, Flo2Cash’s name will not appear on their credit card statement. Your customer will see your organisations name on their credit card statement.

What card transaction reports can be emailed to me?

These reports are available under 'My reports' in the merchant console and can be setup to be emailed:

Daily Card Settlement Report (single date): Reports on all settlement values for a given day. You can set this report to be emailed to you regularly.

Card Transaction Report : Reports all card transactions processed with a range of available filters. You can set this report to be emailed to you regularly.

Card Settlement Report (date range): Reports on all settlement values for a date range.

How do I process a refund?

If your customer has paid using recurring card payments, web payments or invoice payments, follow the steps below to process a refund.

a) Log in to your Merchant console and go to the card transactions section

b) Search for the transaction you want to refund by entering the receipt number or Transaction ID in the search box

c) Click on the transaction number and enter the required details in the refund box at the bottom of the page.

You will need to contact Flo2Cash to request for the refund function to be activated on your account.


What is China UnionPay?

UnionPay is the bank card scheme that operates across mainland China and internationally, issued in more than 30 countries worldwide, and accepted in more than 141 countries and regions around the world. UnionPay is the second-largest payment network by value of transactions processed, currently behind Visa, but expected to overtake Visa in 2014 and the number one spot.

Who is China UnionPay for?

Any business that has a marketable product for Asian (China and other East Asian countries) consumers and businesses should have the ability to accept payments via UnionPay cards.
Expanding a business’s online payment options means they are catering to a wider number of online consumers. Approximately 30% of cards worldwide are a China UnionPay card (CUP). If a business’s aren’t accepting this popular payment card type online, they could be missing out on a lucrative opportunity.


What are the limits associated with China UnionPay?

All merchants have a limit on how much money they can accept per transaction and per month. Transaction limits help us screen for suspicious activity so that we can protect the merchant’s financial security. However, merchants can always contact us to request limits to be altered to better suit their business needs.

Which channels are supported?

Flo2Cash currently offers the ability to accept China UnionPay via its eCommerce products namely hosted payment page, shopping carts plugin, eCommerce API and invoice payments.


Digital receipt after the payment has been made?

Flo2Cash’s eCommerce products let you generate a digital receipt for the completed transaction. Merchants can access their full transaction history on Flo2Cash’s online Merchant Console. In the Merchant Console the merchant can re-generate a digital receipt

Can I do a refund on a card payment?

Yes, refunds are allowed. The merchant fills up a refund form and emails it to our customer support team who process the refund. In the future a Merchant can perform a refund themselves in Flo2Cash’s online Merchant Console.

What sort of reports can I get?

Flo2Cash has a range of standard reports that help you manage and track payments conducted via Flo2Cash’s range or products. Reports can either be downloaded on an ad-hoc basis from the Merchant Console and some transactional reports can even be setup as automatic reports that are emailed automatically on a pre-set frequency to one or more designated email addresses.


Is accepting UnionPay cards for eCommerce payments secure?

Accepting UnionPay cards for eCommerce payments is one of the most secure and safest ways to transact. Payments made online using a UnionPay card work on a “push payment” principle, whereby users are actually directed to their personal bank account to authorise the payment. This differs to the typical online Visa/MasterCard card payment process that most New Zealanders are accustomed to, but is the standard process used by UnionPay. This way of processing eCommerce payments is very secure and safe.

What information is displayed on the customers card statement after they have paid a merchant?

The customer will see the merchant’s name on their card statement.


Is it safe to use Virtual Terminal?

Flo2Cash is a Level 1, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) certified organization. Any transactions that are processed through Flo2Cash’s payment gateway are done in a very secure manner.

Can I perform a refund on the Virtual Terminal?

Refunding is not performed in Virtual Terminal. Instead, you can go to the transaction history section and perform a refund on a selected transaction.

How can I download a receipt for my record after processing the transaction?

Once a transaction has been processed, a receipt will be generated, you can download the receipt by clicking on the receipt number.