Bill Payments

Bill Payments

Recurring bill payment solutions provide a seamless customer experience, reduces administration time and improves cash flows of your company.


No more chasing up invoices. Get your customers to sign direct debit on phone, online, email or on paper, after which you can send an invoice and debit their credit card or bank account on payment due date.

Utility Services
Small and Medium Businesses
Telecom Service Providers
Xero Integration
City Councils

“Since the introduction of the Flo2Cash system on our website, there has been a noticeable increase in the use of automated services by parents to pay their fees. Parents have been most complimentary about how easy it is to use the system. The development of the Flo2Cash system for Carmel College was handled quickly and efficiently by all members of the Flo2Cash team and we are looking forward to working with them in the future to provide wider payment options for all events in the school community.”

Carmel College


Secure your cashflow with Direct Debits

Get your customers to sign direct debits, and you never have to chase payment again. Our Direct Debit solution is designed to simplify the whole transaction process for you and your customers, making it easier for them to pay. This means you’ll always get paid on time.

Simple processes under one roof

No more complex integrations and management of multiple suppliers. We provide end to end solution where you can collect using direct debits or recurring credit cards. No need for bank!

Stay focused on what truly matters and automate the rest

Flo2Cash’s fully automated and fully managed payment solutions save your organisation time and money, as there’s no more manual processing and reconciling of payments. More importantly, there’s less time needed on admin tasks. Your resources can be devoted to help you sell.