Features that make your life easy

Using Flo2Cash features, you can collect payments online, automate recurring payments process, and reduce administration costs

Let your customers pay the way they want to


A securely hosted rebrandable cloud payment page, which allows your customers to setup recurring payments in seconds


Send an email to your customers and give them a call for action to setup direct debits. Takes seconds!


We provide you authority forms, terms and everything else you need to start accepting recurring payments today

On Phone

We provide you a phone line and give you a script to accept direct debit authority over the phone, and not just that, we host it all for you!


Instalment Plans

Divide total amount you want to charge your customer into equal instalments. You can always make adjustments if required. Best for loan payments, high-value purchases, and laybys.

Ongoing Plans

Your customer agrees to pay you a fixed amount every defined frequency. Best for insurance payments, SaaS providers, membership fee, charity regular donations, rentals and much more.

Variable Plans

If the invoice amount is different, charge your customer automatically on payment due date every month. Suits utility companies, telecommunication service providers and anyone with variable invoices every month.

Data Quality

Eliminate corrupt data by validating bank account numbers at the point of entry.


Flexible payments

Choose the date, frequency, start date, end date and amount of your payments based on customer and business requirements.

No bank required

Flo2Cash partner with all major banks in New Zealand and Australia to approve and process payments securely. If you want to accept payments using credit cards or direct debits, you have all under one roof, and a single dashboard to manage all payments.

Track payment status

View a timeline for each of your payments. Easily reinitiate failed payments or issue partial or full refunds. Audit trail is maintained for each activity, so you can go back and review changes performed by you and your staff.

Funds Settlement

An established mechanism ensures funds are settled into your bank account on time. Funds are settled via an automated process to nominated business accounts in compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering legislation.


Dishonour Reports

Know about dishonors and failures as they happen. This allow you to contact the customers, agree on payment terms and amend the plans

Card Expiry Reports

Know about the expired cards well on time. This will help you get the updated details before the payments starts failing

Detailed Transactions List

View transactions as they happen and know the state of payments collections on time

Settlement and Invoices

You have access to all your settlement reports and invoices to see how you are using the Flo2Cash system and associated charges.


No Bank Required

We offer complete solution for direct debits and fully approved by banks to process transactions on your behalf.

Frequency that suits your Business Model

Recurring payments are cycled and have a fixed or variable amount every cycle. Traditionally, businesses would manually process these recurring payments on a periodic basis, which is completely automated for Bank Direct Debits. Frequency of direct debit could be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Authority Codes

Generally other payment processors issue you an authority code, which you will be sharing with number of other businesses. This means if they cancel direct debit for other business, yours is cancelled too. BUT... not any more with Flo2Cash's issued Authority codes

Compliance and Risk Management

It is hard to keep up with up ever changing regulations, policies and procedures around collecting payments. When adopting Flo2Cash's fully compliant solution, you can leave these worries to us, as we keep our system up to date with what is changing and notify you of the impacts. We provide you with scripts, terms and everything else to get you going.


No Bank Required

Flo2Cash is a leading provider of Credit Card Merchant Facilities and offer merchants services and gateway, without you needing to go to a bank.

We offer businesses the ability to accept credit card payments anywhere anytime at differentiated merchant service rates.

Card Tokenisation

We enable business to process recurring payments by tokenising the card. This means you can store the card details with us without worrying about security and compliance

Card Security

Flo2Cash and all of its products are level one PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. It means Flo2Cash and its systems, all meet the most stringent security standards and is kept up to date at all times. Your data and client information are fully secure with us. Flo2Cash is an approved member of the PCI Security Standards Council worldwide.


Connect to your software

Whether you are developing an internal app or using a third party CRM, you can embed full payment functionality right into your software.

Keep in Sync

Get to know about every payment plan setup, payment attempt, and result of that by subscribing to easy to integrate events.

Integration Support and Consulting

Every business has different needs, so we have our business logic and workflows designed in such a way so that we can extend it to incorporate your specific needs.

Security and Risk Management

The Flo2Cash Simple API is a fully featured, Enterprise-Grade API that allows you to leverage our substantial investments in PCI compliance, tokenisation, and payments technologies, in turn reducing your scope for compliance.


Fraud Prevention means a range of prevention tools that are designed to protect your business from potential losses due to fraudulent activity

Country Bin Blocking

We can block credit and debit card transactions for cards issued in a specified country. This help you protect chargebacks.

Velocity Checking

We are always on the watch and identify suspicious transaction behaviors based on sudden change of patterns in your incoming payments.

Transaction Rules

Provides the ability to have daily and monthly transaction limits and block transactions if the thresholds are breached.

Card & Card Range Black Listing

Block credit and debit card transactions for specific to individual cards or a range (type or issuer) of cards